Friday, April 6, 2012

Children's Summer Art Classes

Robert Livermore Community Center
$125.00 for 6 classes

Art For Children: Paint, Draw & Sculpt
Children's summer art classes are offered in June and July at the Robert Livermore Community Center in Livermore.  These classes are for children ages 5 and up and cover a variety of techniques and mediums.
The classes also introduce styles from the history of art such as Impressionism, Expressionism, Renaissance Art and more, and look at artists such as van Gogh, Rembrandt, Seurat and others.
Students learn painting, drawing and sculpting.
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Sunday, April 1, 2012

From my Art History for children classes: Celtic-style art

In my Art History for Children classes we learn a variety of styles and art movements from the history of art.  In this class, the students look at Celtic Art and the stylized designs of overlapping, rhythmical patterns.  This is a dragon's head and ribbon pattern, copied from Celtic images seen.

 Dragon's Head and ribbon pattern
(inspired by Celtic Art)
pen and watercolor on paper
7 year-old student

Creation from recycled / found materials

We do a lot of work with found materials in my art classes.  The students love it and are so creative with what they find to use.  Here is a Leprechaun Trap made of a breakfast cereal box, pipe-cleaners, tape, cardboard tubes and some coins (to entice the leprechaun!)

Leprechaun Trap
Found materials
7 year-old student

New studio work form my art students

Mixed media collage
by 14 year-old student

Rabbit with Wolf
Oil on canvas
by an 8 year-old student

Egg with chick's beak
pencil on paper
by a 7 year-old student
Tonal drawing in blue
colored pencil and pencil on paper
by a 7 year-old student

Seated man with tv and tv stand
Clay and acrylic paint
by a 7 year-old student

Some work from my Art History for Children classes: Ancient Egyptian Art

 A pyramid made out of a cardboard box with a clay ring to keep it closed 
(taken from an idea from classroom projects by DickBlick)
by a 6 year-old student

Ancient Egyptian-style mummy and staff
by a 7 year-old student