Monday, June 23, 2014

Upcoming Movement, Rhythm and Art Camp for kids, July 14 - 18

Here is some more information about the Movement, Rhythm and Art Camp happening on the 14th to the 18th of July at the Bothwell Center, Livermore:

  • The time is from 2-5pm each day (Friday is one hour shorter).  The cost is $195.00 for the 5 day camp.
  • The camp is for both boys and girls aged 7 - 18 years.
  • Please contact me for further information, or to sign your child / children up for the camp.

The camp is made up of three components:

1. Movement or creative dance, where students will learn about using their bodies to express creative ideas

  • Students will think about various ways in which they can use their limbs, torso, head etc. (stretching, bending, moving through space, using props such as fabric, hoops etc.).  They will think about rhythm and repetition and also how a dance can tell a story just like an artwork can.
  • Students will go on to choreograph their own dance as a group, devising a beginning, middle and end (i.e. making a story), which will be developed and then rehearsed and finally performed on Friday, the 18th of July, for parents, family and friends.

2. Rhythm, where students make the music for the dance they will perform.

  • Students will use drums, rhythm sticks and other simple rhythm-making instruments to learn about making various beats.
  • Students will learn to perform together as a group using different beats.
  • Students will create their own beats and compose a piece of music that will accompany the dance during the performance on the 18th.
  • Some / all of the students can play during the performance, and we will record the drumming as well, to play during the performance.

3. Art, where students will learn about Rhythm in Art.

  • Students will learn about rhythm and how it is used in art.  We will look at various examples of artwork throughout the ages, and from various parts of the world, that use strong rhythmical images.
  • Students will explore rhythm in their own artwork on the first day, and then go on to make costumes and sets / props for the dance performance on the 18th of July.
  • Students will use their own ideas in making their costumes.  We will use fabric sheets, card, paper, rope or string and other recycled or found objects, which the students can paint on and make into costumes and props.

Students will be encouraged to use their own ideas in their creations during the camp.  The dance component is very exploratory, with the aim of helping the students aware of the space around themselves, and how their bodies interact with it, as well as how their bodies can be tools in artistic expression.  There is no need for students to be elaborate in their movements unless they want to be; students can be as vigorously expressive or minimally expressive as they like.