Thursday, July 12, 2012

Painting sale for art student Barbara Viola!

Another congratulations is in order for Barbara Viola who sold her watercolor painting "Blushing Rose" to a Livermore collector recently.  Well done Barbara!

"Blushing Rose"
Watercolor on archival paper
by Barbara Viola

Another of my students won First Prize in the "Grandmothers Who Help" Art and Poetry contest

Congratulations to my 13 year student Kaycee Bilke who won First Prize in the "Grandmothers Who Help" Art, Poetry and Essay writing contest!  Her oil painting "Sparkles the Unicorn" won the prize and is now on a 10 month US touring exhibition with the 2nd and 3rd place winners from the same competition.  You can view the competition winners here: "Grandmothers Who Help" Art, Poetry and Essay Writing competition

"Sparkles the Unicorn"
Oil painting
by Kaycee Bilke

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A third student wins 1st place at the Alameda County Fair

A 10 year-old student from my homeschool classes, has also won First Place at the Alameda County Fair Art Contest this year.  Her drawing of a garden is the prize-winning work.


Pencil on Paper
by 10 year old student

Art and Piano News July 2012


Congratulations to 8 year old Rachel Mattison won four 1st place awards at the Fair's Art Contest as well. Her painting of The Cat in the Hat, inspired by the Dr. Seuss character, is pictured below.

"Painting of The Cat in the Hat"
(after the character by Dr. Seuss)
by Rachel Mattison
(8 years old)

Piano Recital planned for late October
I will be holding a small piano recital for my piano students in late October. It will be a very friendly and easy-going recital as the students are just beginning to learn the piano, and most are in elementary school or younger. I would love all the students to show off one or two of their pieces and hear what the other students are doing. We will have refreshments after the recital. I will announce more details in September.

Caricature Sketching for Parties & Events
I recently did a Caricature Sketching Event at a graduation party. It proved to be a lot of fun, especially with the children!.
If you are having a party or event in the coming months and need an extra activity I am available to do caricature sketching again. In addition I can give a caricature workshop & guests can draw each other afterwards. if you are interested please call or email.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Congratulations to 6 year old Tatyahna Munoz for winning the "Judges Favorite" award at the Alameda County Fair Art Contest!

"Painting of Peacocks in a Park"
(inspired by a 1968 painting "Peacock in the Park" by British artist, Margaret Baird)
by Tatyahna Munoz
(6 years old)
Oil on Canvas

Tatyahna entered this painting in the Alameda County Fair Art Show and won the "Judges Favorite" award!

Congratulations Tatyahna!