Monday, June 12, 2017

Custom, Hand-Made T-Shirts


This summer, my son and I would like to raise funds for my son's Music Department.

The Music Department provides a really excellent opportunity for the music students to participate in band and orchestra, giving them a solid foundation in music. My son has had two wonderful years in the Music Department, and has really grown musically and personally.

The Music Department relies solely on donations to help keep it going. With all the opportunities they provide the students, as well as the many expensive instruments they need to buy, they are always in need of funds.

To raise funds, I am making custom, 100% hand-painted/printed t-shirts (please see the link below) which I am selling for $25, and my son is making gadgets from his 3-D printer (like those linked below) which he is selling for $1 to $3 each.

  • The T-Shirts you order will be relatively similar to those posted on the blog, but the character and words can be any animal, plant, etc. (so long as it does not violate copyright laws.)
  • The 3-D gadgets include fidget spinners or fidget rings, small characters etc. (but, again, we do have to be careful of copyright laws, and all gadgets should be original).
  • The 3-D gadgets can be blue, white or red.
  • T-Shirts come in all styles (regular, fitted, tank top etc.) and all sizes, S, M, L child and S, M, L adult)
  • T-Shirts aim to be 80 - 100% cotton.
  • Paint used is non-toxic, washable fabric paint specifically suited to clothing.
  • Cash, checks and paypal accepted.

Please support our musical youth, and my son's Music Department!!

Please email me for further details and to order a t-shirt or gadget.

Adventure T-Shirt

Bluebird T-Shirt

Carpe Diem T-Shirt

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